(Clip) Revealing 5 urgent policies of the ‘Seththa’ government | Policy statement to Parliament 11 Sept. 2023

Special program "Pinning the policies of the Settha government 1" reveals 5 urgent policies of the 'Seththa' government (Prime Minister announces policies to Parliament on 11 Sept. 2023). Read all the details at https://shorturl.asia/Mwuxz

• Short term frame

1. Policy for adding 10,000 baht via Digital Wallet

2. Debt problem solving policy for both the agricultural sector, the business sector, and the public sector.

3. Policy to reduce the burden of energy costs on the people.

s4. Policy to promote income generation from tourism visa update

5. Policy for resolving differences of opinion regarding the constitution

• Medium-term and long-term framework for strengthening people's capabilities. Through creating income, reducing expenses, creating opportunities, reducing inequality and create a better quality of life for all citizens

Source: Thai News Agency