Comebuy Introduces New Arrival of 4G LTE Smart Phone Collection

HONG KONG, July 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — With the popularization of 4G network and 4G mobile phones, it is believed that people’s attitude towards 4G mobile phone will change a little bit. Meanwhile, the cost of 4G network is largely decreased.

Comebuy will introduce several newly-arrived 4G LTE smart phones today:

ZTE Blade VEC – RUB 7960

4G version is new to the market and is currently in pre-sale. The whole thinness is only 7.8 mm and you can easily control it. Besides, the internal memory has been significantly improved and performance is twice better than before. Game experience surpasses any mobile phones at the same price level. In addition, the camera is optimized and supports optical power in professional mode, separate manual white balance and level meter to allow you shoot perfect photos. 4G version of the ZTE Blade VEC is priced at RUB 7960. If you like this phone, please visit comebuy online shopping mall.

Samsung Galaxy S5 G9008W – RUB 23145

Samsung Galaxy S5 G9008W mobile 4G dual Sim card version is priced at RUB 23145. This phone is very practical and is also the first Samsung mobile phone with 4G Card. Apparently it is a very positive signal indicating 4G dual Sim card craze. Equipped with Snapdragon 801 quad core processor, its overall performance is still very strong. So far, Samsung Galaxy S5 G9008W mobile 4G dual Sim card version is priced at 4180 yuan. Anyone who is interested could think of buying it.

HTC One(E8) modern version – RUB 16605

HTC One modern version performs well in all kinds of respects. If you do not have enough money to afford HTC One M8, then you can totally choose HTC One modern version. Moreover, we also promote HTC One in vine for ladies, which you can truly see fashion from a phone. So far, HTC One modern version is priced at RUB 16605. Buy it and you can get plastic cover as a gift. If you like it, get it now!

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