Discussion on Islamic Family Laws

Last night, the International Fiqh Al-Usrah Seminar took place in the form of Nadwah Fiqh Al-Usrah or Discussion on Islamic Family Laws. The topic was "The Issue and Challenges of the IT Era Family Education." During the Nadwah, the panellists highlighted that in the modern era, information technology is a massive challenge to the development of a Muslim family's education. Apart from information technology, the Muslim family also faces other internal and external challenges.

Attending the session was Doctor Haji Adanan bin Haji Basar, the Acting Ra'es of KUPUSB. The panellists included Doctor Abdul Rauf bin Mohd Amin, Senior Assistant Professor of KUPUSB Shari'ah Faculty and Associate Professor Doctor Sharifah Hayaati binti Syed Ismail Al-Qudsy, Lecturer at the Islamic Studies Academy of Universiti Malaya. The discussion also reviewed Modernisation and Globalisation as the current external challenge. The Muslim community presently faces a cultural dilemma and confusion and is in a situation where it has to defend tradition or make modern changes. Meanwhile globalisation brings a new atmosphere in community life and that the Muslim community itself sees globalisation either as a threat or challenge, depending on how the new situation is perceived or faced.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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