Discussion on the Management, Well-Being and Welfare of the Country’s Intending Pilgrims

The Head of the Brunei Darussalam's Haj Management for Administration held a meeting with Hatim bin Mohd Ja'par Bali, Chairman of the Majlis Idarah Muassasah Al-Ahliya Lil Adila. The meeting was to discuss on the management, well-being and welfare of the country's intending haj pilgrims throughout their stay in Medinah before leaving for Mekah.

The Muassasah in a statement expressed its willingness to provide the best services to the Brunei Darussalam's intending haj pilgrims starting with their arrival at the airport and departure for Mekah. Also present were his deputy, 'Isam Addamyati and members of the Majlis Idarah Muassasah.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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