Enrolment of Pre-School Pupils

2,870 children begin their formal education as pre-school pupils nationwide. From the number, 1,926 are accepted in the Brunei Muara District. RTB takes a look at how the children fare on their first day at school.

At the Datu Ratna Muhd Jaafar Primary School in Kampung Kiarong, 31 pre-school children attend an orientation session. By the look of their faces, some of the toddlers are obviously scared and nervous - being in a new and unfamiliar environment. Parents much expect the situation, but they relentless give their support and encouragement.

The school has lined-up educational programs for the pre-school pupils. The pre-school orientation session was introduced by the Ministry of Education since 2011. It is aimed at familiarising the children with the formal education surrounding. It is a transition from their daily routine at home, build their confidence, and socialise with their peers.

At the Mabohai Primary School, the new comers show a more upbeat tone and excitement to be in a new surroundings. The orientation program which they attended in November last year was to teach them to be familiar with the ambience and gain new experience. Some of them show that they begin to enjoy the program, make new friends, interact with the teachers and learn to accept the lessons without being dependent on their parents to be there. The school hopes to achieve "Zero Crying Kids on First Day of School" or "no tears on first day of school".

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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