Establishing Job Opportunities and Capacity Building for the Locals

The Second Minister of Finance then explained the second focus of the expenditure which is creating job opportunities for locals, especially in the private sector, through the development of industrial, business and investment activities in the country.

Yang Berhormat said according to the Employees Trust Fund, TAP's statistics in the last five years, the registration of new employees in the private sector has increased to 29,600 compared to 3,112 in the government sector. The Minister added the Capacity Building Centre that started operating in September 2017 is hoped to produce around 2,800 to 3,000 skilled trainees until the end of 2018. The i-Ready programme which is on until 1st March 2018, is participated by 1,562 graduates of whom 1,263 are undergoing work attachments or placements and 146 have been offered permanent appointments.

The Second Minister of Finance added to continue the initiatives of the Capacity Building Centre and i-Ready, 43 million dollars have been allocated in the National Development Plan for the Financial Year 2018/2019. To improve capacity particularly in academic achievement at the primary and secondary levels, as well the quality of the teaching force, in 2016, the Ministry of Education implemented the Literacy and Numeracy Training Programme. So far 50 local teachers have been recognised as Local Teaching Force. 107 local graduates have been selected to fill the posts of local contract teachers. To finance the programme, 15 million dollars will be allocated for the Financial Year 2018/2019. Yang Berhormat said technical studies and education institutes will also continue to play a vital role to provide skilled graduates to together build the human resource needed by the country.

According to Yang Berhormat in creating job opportunities and capacity building, other allocations are also provisioned, including 44.6 million dollars for scholarships.

The Minister continued that under the National Development Plan, Human Resource is allocated a total of 50.7 million dollars from a plan cost of 248 million dollars. The Ministries will receive 31.3 million dollars for government officers and staff skills and capacity improvement programmes. This includes 7.5 million dollars for in-service training schemes. The government has also approved to increase the Education Loan Assistance Scheme, SBPP to 80 million dollars with an additional of 30 million dollars. Youth spiritual development will continue to be given more priority. Several other provisions have been allocated including 1.1 million dollars for the Tasmie' Allowance of Huffaz Al-Quran students. Seven hundred thousand dollars for the allowances of Muqaddam and Muslimah class teachers and three hundred twenty thousand and six hundred (320,600) dollars for the allowances of adult and Youth Al-Quran Reading Scheme teachers.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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