Fallen Tree Incidents

​Brunei Darussalam is currently experiencing uncertain weather conditions which led to many incidents such as fallen trees, flooding and landslides. Hence, members of the public are advised to be more vigilant and to avoid any unwanted incidents.


For the period of one week from the 18th to the 24th of July 2020, the Fire and Rescue Department recorded 31 distress calls for fallen trees alone. According to the department, several fallen tree incidents involved covering the whole or a part of the main road and junctions; while others covered a part of the house structure and damaged several vehicles. Another incident caused an accident when a car crashed into a fallen tree, where 2 people sustained light injury but no fatality was reported.


Knowledge on tree hazard is emphasised by the Fire and Rescue Department. This is a part of the precautionary measure for everyone’s safety. Among the tree hazard knowledge include avoid planting trees too near to the house and maintain distance while planting trees. Although trees are important element for humans and animals, it still pose a risk and hazard to the surrounding areas such incidents involving fallen trees on houses. Apart from that, trees must be always be maintained and trimmed before it gets out of control. Vehicles owners are also advised not to park their vehicle nearby large trees during uncertain weather conditions to avoid any unwanted incidents.


The Fire and Rescue Department also reminds the public on landslides during rainy weather or flood. This is especially for the safety of house owners and residents living on the hillside or on the foot of the hill. The public should always monitor the house’s surrounding areas and land as well as the nearby hill; prepare to act when there is soil erosion that show signs of a landslide; and evacuate the house for safety if there is a sign of danger.


Uncertain weather conditions have brought heavy rain and strong wind for a long period of time, causing flash floods especially at low-lying and flood prone areas. In this regard, the Fire and Rescue Department advised the public to always monitor the water level outside their house compound. For people living at low-lying and flood prone areas, they should always be prepared to face any possible flash flood, and place property at higher places including important documents.



Source: Radio Television Brunei

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