Fire and Rescue Department Advised the Public to Be More Cautious

Following the fire incident last night, the Fire and Rescue Department advised the public to be more cautious and further improve the safety aspects specifically when using electrical appliances, unattended cooking, outdated wiring and others that can cause fire and loss of life. According to the Department, in the event of any emergency incident, members of the public are advised to directly contact the Fire and Rescue Department's Operation Centre through emergency line 995 and need to provide accurate information. Last night's fire incident has caused 10 families from the 2 gutted houses homeless. This morning RTB crew visited the scene of the fire.

According to the involved family members, the fire was believed to break out at 8.45 in the evening from Dayang Nohajijah binti Haji Jais's house. Dayang Nohajijah told RTB crew that she and her family were not at home during the fire. She only knew of the incident when one of her family members informed her on the phone. She rushed home but unfortunately her house was already destroyed and could not save all her belongings and documents.

Meanwhile the second house that was destroyed in the fire was owned by Dayang Norhajijah's mother who lived together with 6 other family members. During the incident last night, all occupants were also not at home.

Currently, all occupants involved in the fire are staying with their other family members. Meanwhile, the third house with 12 family members was belonged to Dayang Nohajijah's sister. During the incident, all family members tried to stop the fire and only the kitchen was damaged.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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