Friday Sermon

Every individual is certainly not exempt from committing mistakes or wrongdoings, either intentionally or not. A person needs to have a sense of realisation and must immediately repent, regret, and resolve not to commit such sins or wrongdoings again. The door of repentance is always open for those who want to repent as Allah the Almighty -- the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful -- always gives His servants the opportunity to increase their acts of devotion and improve themselves. This was among the matters touched in today's Khutbah or Friday Sermon entitled "The door of repentance is always open". The true meaning of repentance was also touched upon in the sermon, whereby it is a process of self-cleansing from sins and vices and returning to Allah the Almighty's path by regretting all the sins committed.

According to the Khutbah or sermon, Taubat or repentance is obligatory. If it concerns the rights between an individual and Allah The Almighty, he or she must immediately renounce his or her sinful act, truly repent or regret for having done something bad, and resolve not to commit such wrongdoing any more. However, if the sin committed concerns other people, such as slander, hurt and abuse, humiliating and wrongful seizure of assets and others, then the repenting person needs to seek forgiveness from the people that they have wronged, return the rights or replace the goods or property that have been taken, or ask for its permissibility from the owner. The sermon also highlighted how Islam has taught about ways to cleanse the soul to be prevent a person from re-committing sins after repenting. Among them is to avoid places of vice, resisting the devil's persuasion or lustful desires, constantly regretting about past sins, increasing the istighfar, practising good and meaningful deeds, supplicating and self-reflection. The sermon called on the ummah to always recite the istighfar and seek forgiveness from Allah the Almighty, both in times of good and bad.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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