Friday Sermon

Ramadhan is the month of Ibadah or performing more religious deeds. A companion of Prophet Muhammad Sallalaahu 'Alaihi Wasallam, Abu Hurairah Radiallaahu narrated that the Messenger of Allah says, "Verily every good deed of the descendent of Adam alaihissalam will be multiplied ten times and receive 700 rewards". Yesterday's Khutbah or Friday sermon describes Ramadhan as the best month for Muslims to train themselves to do good deeds. This is because in the fasting month, the ummah are also encouraged to perform extra religious deeds.

The Imam or prayer leaders said religious acts encouraged in Ramadhan include Sahur or the pre-dawn meal, giving alms, sunnat tarawih and witir prayers, reading Al-Quran, and giving food and drinks for breaking the fast. The sermon added in Ramadhan it is also encouraged to recite the zikir and salawat more frequently, to let the eyes see more the beauty of the Quranic verses by reading Al-Quran. The prayer leaders also reminders that the congregants should make Ramadhan as the month of reform that teach the heart and soul to be faithful to Allah the Almighty.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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