Friday Sermon

Members of the Civil Service are the prime movers of socio-economic and national development. In this regard, the private sector as well as small and medium enterprises also play a similar role, hence the responsibility of any employee is to be honest and trustworthy. According to the Friday sermon, civil servants should be honest, trustworthy and patient and a good civil servant does not lie or misuse trust and authority.

In the sermon, prayer leaders said members of the civil service should be wise and discreet in their daily undertakings or work. They should be able to make the correct and just decision that impacts well in the short and long terms as well as in this world and in the hereafter. They stressed honesty and trustworthiness and not to let emotion influence in decision making.

The Imam or prayer leaders also said wise spending should be a priority in any organisation and that wisdom in planning, managing and controlling expenditure is vital. This will ensure the money spent is according to real needs or priorities and not wasted. One should also be able to manage time properly so that it could be used to the optimum and effectively. Avoid negligence and carelessness in work. The prayer leaders said civil servants should also be moral, wise as well as work efficiently and dedicatedly for the sake of the religion, people and country.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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