Friday Sermon

The Royal Brunei Police Force carries a heavy responsibility in ensuring the security, well-being and peace of the country's people. Apart from that the Police are also responsible in detecting and preventing crimes, arresting criminals or offenders and collecting secret information on security at all times. The time changes, and in the era of info-communications technology, the crimes are much more sophisticated.

Advances in social media have resulted in very fast dissemination of information. This in turn poses a bigger challenge to the Police and other law enforcement agencies as well as to related stakeholders. The cooperation of the community is vital because as clients, the public must be wary of parties who misuse social media as a platform to spread slander and cause conflicts that threaten the peace and order of the public, the nation and the country. These were the highlights of yesterday's Khutbah Jum'at or Friday sermon, entitled "Increase National Unity and Peace".

In the sermon, prayer leaders reminded the public to be cautious when expressing opinions or reporting incidents because not everything that one sees is one hundred percent true or correct. People who spread information or stories must seek the truth first because it is feared such opinions or views could divide the community and affect national peace and security. The prayer leaders said to the congregants, they could assist the Police through the neighbourhood watch programmes that involve villages in all the country's districts. It is an effort by the Royal Brunei Police Force towards enhancing cooperation and fostering better relations with the public in preventing and reducing criminal cases. The prayer leaders added that the public should report anything suspicious to the Police. Such cooperation can create continuous peace and order that everyone in the country aspires for.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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