Green Brunei Member Visit Tasbee Meliponiculture Farm

20 Green Brunei members comprising of Universiti Brunei Darussalam, UBD's undergraduates this morning organised a Kenali Negara Kitani visit, KNK, to the Tutong District. The visit under the Unit of Discovery Year 'Community Outreach Programme', aimed to raise awareness on the importance of domestic tourism for the country's economy.

One of the venues visited by the delegation was Tasbee Meliponiculture Farm, stingless bee farm and honey production conducted by Awg Mitasby bin Haji Mamit in Kampung Sungai Kelugos. Tasbee Farm is a Meliponiculture industry, established in 2009. Included in the delegation was Yang Berhormat Dayang Khairunnisa binti Awang Haji Ash'ari, Member of the Legislative Council as the Co-Founder and Director of Green Brunei Community Involvement.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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