Hari Raya Aidilfitri Celebration Should Follow the Religious Concept and Not a Festival without Limits

Hari Raya is a day of rewards and happiness. It creates repentance after performing the fast. Hari Raya also has a religious concept and is not a festival with no limits and no self-control. Awang Haji Suhaimi bin Haji Gemok, Acting Director of Syariah Affairs underlines a number of concepts in celebrating Hari Raya in the Islamic perspective.

According to Awang Haji Suhaimi, we should look at the hari raya concept from the aspect of expressing happiness and not sadness. The joy comes from completing the religious act of fasting which also removes our sins. It is suggested in Islam that we glorify Hari Raya and be grateful for our sins being expunged, enjoying the food and drinks which during Ramadhan we were prohibited from consuming in the daytime, and that we are now allowed to consume or enjoy matters that should be carried out. We should also be grateful for the multitude of blessings during Ramadhan and Syawal. Apart from that, if Ramadhan is carried out with diligence it is in line with what is proposed in Islam. Then, the concept of Hari Raya should not divert from the framework of religious deeds.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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