Health Treatment or Procedure Advertised Through Social Media

The Ministry of Health advises members of the public to be cautious and not to be easily deceived following widespread advertisements or promotions through social media regarding several dubious activities offered by individuals involving medical procedures, which are usually only practised by registered and trained health professionals at specific places such as hospital and clinic.

In its press release, the Ministry of Health said the treatment or procedure carried out by a person without the right qualifications, appropriate training in the field of work, suitable equipment, medicines authorised by the Ministry of Health as well as special settings such as hospitals, clinics and health facilities to carry out any medical procedures, can bring about health risks and serious harm that can lead to infections, disfigurement and even death.

Any individual who is not accredited or registered with the health professional boards or councils under the Ministry of Health, but carries out health treatments or medical procedures, is committing an offence and can be charged under the relevant acts. For further information and communication, the public can visit the Ministry of Health's website at or call the Talian Darussalam 123.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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