His Majesty’s Get-Together Ceremony

From the Parade Ground, His Majesty proceeded to Block 1 of the PKBN Training Camp to view an exhibition and for a get together with the trainees and their families. His Majesty's presence at the PKBN Training Camp clearly showed His Majesty's wish for the programme to continue developing the youth as optimistic and highly skilled people and valuable National assets.

At the lobby, His Majesty viewed an exhibition on Hydro-phonic Agriculture by PKBN alumni, Awang Mohamad Akmal Asmaan bin Haji Asmali. The 20 year old is from the 5th PKBN Intake who started his hydro-phonic agriculture enterprise early last year. Awang Mohammad Akmal Asmaan who is also a student of the IBTE Agro-Technology Campus in Kampung Wasan also plants vegetables such as cabbage, mustard and lettuce, using the Vertical Farming method. It is hoped the enterprise will be an example to PKBN trainees and alumni to explore agriculture as a career.

His Majesty then viewed another exhibition by the Bestari Community Centre which is also a Senior Citizens Activities Centre. The centre is temporarily located under one-roof with the PKBN Training Camp. It acts as a centre towards a learned community which is active in welfare activities as well as functioning as a Senior Citizens Activities Centre. It is hoped the facility can fulfil the needs of the senior citizens to continue enjoying active life and be able to be involved in activities and programmes which suit them.

His Majesty then graced a luncheon with the PKBN Award recipients. At the Multi-purpose Hall, His Majesty signed a PKBN parchment and received a Pasambah.

After that, His Majesty received junjung ziarah from the 8th PKBN Intake trainees and their families. The PKBN has taken a step further and become more convincing in maintaining its image as a unique and excellent strategic national programme in producing dynamic, patriotic and responsible youths. The increasing number of recruits each year is a significant achievement and strong evidence that the PKBN continues to be well received and accomplish its objective. The involvement of youths in the PKBN is not a burden in terms of time and energy but an opportunity which benefits them in aspects such as leadership, capabilities and experience. It is a valuable experience for the development of personal excellence towards becoming a responsible and resilient citizen and member of society.

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports as the leader in implementing the programme views that the trainees have shown strong spirit, self-identity and high discipline. Of great pride is the solidarity and teamwork among the trainees from different social and educational backgrounds. The programme contents and activities as well as guidance provided to them in their training have foundations in the Bruneian mould and prepare the trainees both physically and spiritually with the characteristics needed in the future development of the country and a strong race.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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