Implementation of ASEAN Qualification Reference Frame Work

The ASEAN Qualification Reference Frame Work, AQRF provides recognition to educational and technical qualifications among ASEAN countries to facilitate freedom of movement to labourers in the ASEAN region. The matter attracted the interest of Yang Berhormat Awang Iswandy bin Ahmad, because it could enable Bruneian workers to gain working experience in another ASEAN country. Explaining the issue with regards to Brunei Darussalam, the Minister of Education said the AQRF Committee was formed and mandated to implement the AQRF among ASEAN by formulating activity plans and strategic action plans for the medium to long terms.

The Minister said what has been done at the ASEAN level so far is capacity building. In the aspect of referencing criteria especially, it is still being implemented to ensure the AQRF can be a reference and used to the optimum by any ASEAN member in supporting the aspiration of building the ASEAN community. Yang Berhormat added the positive side of its availability is Bruneians would have the opportunity to gain working experience in another ASEAN country and other ASEAN nationals would be able to gain similar experience in Brunei. The Minister highlighted that competition is now raising.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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