Improvement in Postal Service Quality

Various efforts have been carried out to further enhance the quality of Postal Services to customers. Awang Haji Hairul Mohammad Daud bin Haji Abdul Karim, Acting Post Master General, in a recent media conference, said every home is urged to install mailboxes to facilitate the Department of Postal Services in delivering letters or small packages.

The department has also provided rental services for post office box or p.o. box and locked bags for the public or companies to ensure mail collection can be done at any time according to the customers' convenience. 11 thousand p.o. boxes across the country can now be rented at reasonable rates. Awang Haji Hairul Mohammad Daud said that corporate mail is a credit or contractual subscription service specifically for government and private agencies, including micro, small and medium entrepreneurs. The Corporate Mail service covers various services according to the type of product and service selected with competitive postal payment rates. The products provided in corporate mail include bulk mail, pick up service, door-to-door delivery service, prepaid mail, business reply service and franking mail. The department also provides rental services for vacant spaces, buildings and land sites with suitable rental rates for insurance counter service, installation of ATM machines or for any type of use through Public-Private-Partnership according to the rental terms stipulated.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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