Indonesia issues travel warning to Yemen

The Indonesian government has issued a travel warning to its citizens willing to visit Yemen.

The warning, issued in view of the security conditions in that country, was published on the Indonesian Foreign Ministrys official website on Tuesday.

According to the website, the Indonesian government called on the countrys citizens not to travel to Yemen till security situation there is restored or becomes conducive for such travel.

The Indonesian Embassy in Sanaa informed that the security conditions prevailing now in Yemen were not yet conducive for visitors.

"Since the outbreak of war in 2015, the security conditions in Yemen remain highly risky. Armed conflicts among various warring factions still take place," the embassy said in a statement.

Indonesian citizens intending to go to Yemen are requested to reconsider their plans and temporarily postpone such travel. Those who nevertheless decide to go to Yemen are required to get all the needed information with regard to the security conditions in the area they plan to visit in that country.

Source: Antara News

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