Introduction of Sports and Academic Streams

The Ministry of Education in a continuous effort to increase the performance and direction of the Sports School has introduced two learning stream for the students, namely sports and academic streams. The changes began yesterday with the first registration for Year 7 Academic Stream of the school. The briefing session held for parents and students yesterday morning was part of disseminating efforts on such changes.

The briefing was delivered by Dayang Marina Chek binti Bujang, Acting Director of Schools, Ministry of Education. As an early preparation, the Ministry of Education has carried out several changes that covers various aspect of school needs such as the need for classrooms, textbooks and teachers. All sports school student undertaking the National Education System for the 21st Century or SPN-21 will be assigned to 2 streams. The Sport stream are allocated for student with talent in sports and from nationwide catchment area. While the academic stream are for student from Sports School catchment area who had obtained best result in Primary School Assessment, PSR. Among the objective of the changes is to improve the Sports School's image and prestige by enhancing the students' capabilities and competency towards producing excellent students in academic and sports.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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