A standard has been developed namely the Tourist Accommodation Standard for Homestay. This Standard specifies the requirements for homestay establishments, where guests will stay with the host's family and experience the everyday way of life of the family and community. The standard also focuses on the essential criteria stated in the ASEAN Homestay Standard (host, accommodation, activities, authenticities, management, location, safety and security, marketing and sustainability principles) with additional following criteria tailored to Brunei Darussalam's customs, culture and its community comprised of different ethnic groups.

The period of public comments is two months (60 days), to allow for the submission of comments on the draft or existing PBD by interested parties and/or sectors (to name a few e.g. food, electrical, construction, health and automotive, tourism). All views and comments will be deliberated by the relevant committee and further drafting will be made, if necessary. Deadline of submission will be the 21st January, 2017.

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The Piawai Brunei Darussalam (PBD) is a national standards document which aims to provide national guidance in areas such as design, use or performance of materials, products, processes, services and systems. As part of the development of the PBD, one of the integral tools is to ensure transparency and participation from 4 main stakeholders, namely, the Government, Private, Public and consumer interest. The PBD is based on an open system, in accordance with the World Trade Organization requirements.

Before any standards are introduced and reviewed, the documents undergo a consultation process. This important stage in the development of the PBD is the Public Comment period. This period assures that the industry, companies and other stakeholders are aware of any future changes to the PBD and provides them and the public in general, with an opportunity to comment, influence the specifics and elements of the standards documents before their publication by the National Standards Committees.

This ensures that all views are considered and also gives the opportunity for the public from different sectors and industry to influence the content of the standards and also gives the public an opportunity to be familiar with the content of the standards before they are published and hence carry a competitive advantage. The PBD will comprise of standards from various technical committees including food, electrical, construction, health and automotive.

The National Standards Centre is a unit under Energy and Industry Department, Prime Minister's Office, whose role is to facilitate and to regulate in the areas of Standards and Conformance. Aside from ensuring that standards in the country are in accordance to international requirements, the Centre also provides guidance and information to entrepreneurs on the importance of having the right certifications (quality and product standards).

Source: Energy and Industry Department

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