Launching Of ‘Apa Ada Noh?’ Comic Book

A local artist with the talent in drawing cartoon characters and producing comics, Doctor Malai Yunus bin Malai Yusuf today attained another success by launching the publication of his 6th comic or cartoon book. The launching of the book entitled 'Apa Ada Noh?' was organised by Creative Art Gallery and Studio.

Doctor Malai Yunus or better known as 'Noh', has been actively involved in writing comic books since 1990 and well-known through the story he wrote which is based on his own experience and on life in Kampung Air. Copies of the book which is written in the Brunei dialect, as well as in Malay and English languages, are available at all book shops in the country and through online at Bruvera. The book costs 10 dollars each.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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