MEA wins 3 prestigious awards at Asia Top Awards 2023

Bangkok, July 3 – MEA, Metropolitan Electricity Authority, received 3 honorary awards from the Asia Top Awards 2023, the best person and organization in Asia.

Police Major General Wichai Sangprapai, Advisor to the Minister of Commerce presided over the award ceremony The best people and organizations in Asia, Asia Top Awards 2023, with Mr. Wilas Chaleysat, Governor of the MEA or the Metropolitan Electricity Authority. Receiving awards in the category of prototype awards, totaling 2 categories: Best State Enterprise Executive Award, Best State Enterprise Executive Award For executives who clearly benefit the nation in terms of economy and energy Best Organization Award Electric Power Business Award electric power business and Mr. Punnawit Phongchawee, an MEA employee, received the award. Sub-committee for making outstanding contributions to society Award for outstanding contributions to society

The MEA Governor said the award is the pride of all MEA employees who have worked together to achieve the goals. effectively responding to public services, reaffirming that the MEA, as a state enterprise under the Ministry of Interior Responsible for the electricity distribution system in the area Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Samutprakarn has developed the potential of power system stability to serve power users with convenience and speed, ready to integrate cooperation with all sectors. Continue to develop the organization in line with the vision. Energy for City Life, Energize Smart Living) into energy for the metropolis, divided into 5 areas: Healthy Living, health-conscious, Resilient Cities, cities that support adaptation, Business Opportunities. City of Opportunities, Eco Urban Living, Ecological Lifestyle and Digital Leads, Digital City to prepare the organization to be ready to support the changes that occur especially in the transition era Digitalization today

In addition, the MEA has also pushed employees within the organization at all levels. for the development of work Supporting the aforementioned changes (Smart People) along with making contributions to society with Mr. Punnawich Pongchawee, an aerial technician, receiving an award for outstanding contribution to society in working to help society continuously Create a good image for the organization. Receiving these 3 prestigious awards reflects the management of the organization. and effective implementation of various MEA projects Bringing modern innovations to improve the quality of life of the people as well as creating sustainability for society and the environment. in order to maximize the benefit of the people and the country

The Asia Top Awards 2023 is organized by the Business and Human Resource Development Club, in collaboration with the United Nations Peacekeeping Federation (UNPKFC) and the International Business Trade Association (WTA), to honor the most prestigious Asian award winners. With determination, determination, and seeing the great potential of people in Asia. until it became a collaboration in the form of a joint non-profit organization Established with vision of Asia's 5 potentials consisting of entertainment industry Other related businesses in medical and public health Human Resource Development and culture with soft power, where all aspects must work together in an integrated manner. on the basis of sustainable innovation Using valuable personnel to consider, select and select to get "Honored Person" to receive such a valuable award.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency