‘Mentor Learn@Lunch’ Event

Darussalam Enterprise, DARe recently held a 'Mentor Learn@Lunch' event for the Brunei Mentors for Entrepreneurship Network, BMEN. It was the first of its kind since the launching of BMEN in March this year during DARe's MSME Festival.

BMEN is an initiative under DARe that aims to promote positive growth of businesses, particularly for early stage start-ups and MSME's by connecting them to business mentors through an effective, well-coordinated and well-structured mentorship program.

The event was facilitated by Dick Lee from the London School of Business and Finance, and was attended by business mentors registered under BMEN comprising successful entrepreneurs, industry experts, professionals and academics from various background. Currently, BMEN has 29 mentors 36 participants registered at its network. Those who are interested in the mentorship programme can visit the website at www.bruneimentor.com.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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