Ministry of Health Advises Several Measures While Attending National Day Celebration

The Ministry of Health through the Health Promotion Centre advises National Day celebration's participants and the public who will attend the celebration this Sunday to not participate in the event if facing health problems such as hot fever, or cough or respiratory symptoms before the event. For participants or the public who have a higher risk for respiratory infections, are also advised to not participate in the event. The matter was highlighted during an interview with the Head of Health Promotion Centre yesterday afternoon at the Health Promotion Centre in Berakas.

Doctor Hajah Norhayati binti Haji Mohd Kassim advised the participants and members of the public during the celebration to wear sunblock or avoid from sun exposure, drink plenty of water and eat breakfast. These are to avoid from fainting and dizziness. Doctor Hajah Norhayati also advised to wash hands with soap and water before eat and after going to the toilet aside from using 'hand Sanitizer' if soap is not available.

Doctor Hajah Norhayati also advised not to smoke at the celebration. she further said that members of the public should stay alert and be safe - "watch where you are walking" and preserved cleanliness at the event.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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