Muda Hashim Secondary School

In the Tutong District, more than 6-thousand pupils and students enrolled for the 2019 academic session. From the number, 3,247 are primary school pupils. Meanwhile, 299 students are accepted by the Tutong Sixth Form Centre. There is a distinctive change this year where secondary school students are required to familiarise themselves with their new class, and the schools hand out several activities on their first day.

RTB crew filmed the scenario at two learning centres - the Sufri Bolkiah Secondary School and the Muda Hashim Secondary School. The First Day Greeting 2019 is a new introduction, which among other matters, is to create a conducive environment. It also promotes a positive aura for the students to be better engaged in their studies.

The First Day Greeting lays out the academic modules, which not only focus on the academic tasks but also other exciting activities. Through the activities, the students get more motivated before they embark on the serious lessons.

For students with special needs, they are briefed on the practical side of programs. And for Year 10 and 11 students who will sit for the GCE "O" level, they are introduced to a motivational talk to get their positive mind-set rolling.

At the Muda Hashim Primary School, it's a different environment where parents drop-off their children as early as 6:45 in the morning. The children look excited and happy to interact with their new friends. Teachers are ready to welcome the new members by decorating the classroom to make it more warm and pupil-friendly. And it is a normal thing to see kids to be shy to meet new friends on the first day of school.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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