Music and mixed martial arts

Filipino musicians seeking diplomas without taking any music course academically can get certified through RockSchool, an international examination board providing diplomas for skilled career musicians.

"Filipinos can beautifully sing, but how many of them can do simple things like read or compose music using actual music notes? RockSchool can provide the professional certification for that need, from vocal to instrument skills, depending on your level of music expertise," said RockSchool Singapore representative Sabrinah Hussin.

Katy Perry received certification from this renowned British-based international music exam board to professionalize her already live singing career.

"A certified diploma, like any college graduate taking a specific board exam for a career choice, can professionalize music skills normally cited for overseas employment. Very few people realize that it is available in the Philippines," said Hussin.

Academy of Rock, which has partnered with RockSchool, provides a number of professional music courses taught by experienced musician teachers. "It (Academy of Rock) teaches music professionally, but it does not certify. RockSchool can give you that academic and internationally certified diploma for music after each training, depending on how much you have learned."

RockSchool, with Academy of Rock's hands-on training support, is reaching out to career Filipino musicians wanting to professionalize their status. "RockSchool provides strict graded examination, assured certifications that can help musicians teach, work overseas. Music students can even use the diploma to qualify in music conservatory colleges or join professional bands run by schooled musicians worldwide. Few know this, and it may just be the thing that could help them get better paying jobs in music," said Hussin.

Aspiring musicians needing certification can look up RockSchool's board exam diploma options from this local service Web site,

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Meanwhile, mixed martial arts took a spin with kickboxer and now Universal Fighting Champion (UFC)'s third ranking fighter Stephen Thompson, bringing on contact sports' lesser known skills to younger Filipinos following UFC.

Thompson, meantime, shouldered a number of mixed martial arts clinics, short for staged flight class courses for aspiring local UFC fighters hoping to get into the big fight league.

"Filipinos are very passionate about their sports. Mixed martial arts is importantly one of them. It is a painstaking path for a healthy sport, but with the right skills learned from constant training, backed by ring fight experiences, you can achieve anything you want for UFC," said Thompson during a public meet in Pasay City.

The Simpsonville-born fighter displayed his kickboxing techniques. Ranking third in the UFC's world welterweight division, Thompson was in town to see the UFC channel's exclusive transfer to Smart's Cignal cable, which has a million subscribers, majority of which are sports fans following international sports events like the upcoming May 2016 boxing rematch between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley.

Thompson is reshaping local mixed martial arts fighting standards, and Smart subscribers can wirelessly preview the fighter's UFC fights for training via mobile streaming.

The UFC channel is exclusively airing via Cignal Cable's new channel 53, Sports5 on-line and Bloomberg TV Philippines.

Source: tribune

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