National Day Celebration Logo

The 37th National Day logo takes the shape of a flower that blooms to mark Brunei Darussalam as a country with educated, skilled and successful people, a high standard of living, dynamic economy and resilience towards achieving the national vision. RTB Crew in an interview with Dayang Siti Kamilah binti Haji Mohd Azrae, this year's logo designer explained that the whole logo shape shows the 'Whole of Nation' theme towards achieving progressive Brunei.

Dayang Siti Kamilah said for the first time, seven flower petals are placed in the middle of the logo, signifying the 7 indigenous groups in the country that work together to realise the national vision.

This year's national day celebration logo also showcases designs outside the flower that symbolise the citizens and residents who are always ready to equip themselves with knowledge and skills, ready to play a role in national development, including enhancing competitiveness, innovation and creativity in all aspects of economic, political and socio-cultural development in the current of global challenges.

While the square shape around the flower reflects an excellent, resilient and highly skilled future generation, as well as all sectors in the national development that play a role in ensuring the success of Wawasan Brunei Dua Ribu Tiga Puluh Lima.

The crest located in the middle of the logo marked a Malay Islamic Monarchy country that remains as a Zikir Nation. The number 37 in Romanised and Jawi scripts indicated 37th years since the country gained its total independence and sovereignty.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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