No Bruneian Pilgrims Hurt in Masjidil Haram Incident (BruDirect (Brunei))

All Bruneian Haj pilgrims in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, have been reported to be safe and none of them were injured in the accident following the collapse of a crane at the Grand Mosque (Masjidil Haram) on Friday. Saudi Arabia’s civil defence authority said that at least 107 people have been killed and 238 others injured in the accident.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) in a statement said yesterday that the Haj Management Department of the ministry and the Haj Management Office of Brunei Darussalam stationed in Saudi Arabia have informed that all Bruneian pilgrims and staff including Haj Management Officers (Administration and Medical) and those belonging to pilgrimage operators namely Darussalam Holdings Sdn Bhd and Straits Central Agencies are safe.

Members of the public, especially families of the Haj pilgrims, have been advised not be unduly alarmed about the news reports.

The Haj Management Office (Administration and Medical) with the cooperation of the Brunei Darussalam Embassy in Saudi Arabia and Consul General of Brunei Darussalam in Saudi Arabia and other relevant agencies there will continue to monitor the situation and take precautionary measures on the welfare of our Haj pilgrims from time to time, the statement said.

The ministry called for the Ummah to pray to Allah the Almighty for the well-being of our Haj pilgrims as well as those from other countries.

The Head of Administration of Haj Affairs stationed in Makkah, Haji Abdullah bin Haji Mohamed, said yesterday that the Haj Management Office will ensure the safety and well-being of the pilgrims from Brunei Darussalam from time to time and pray to Allah the Almighty for protection of the pilgrims.

Meanwhile, recalling the accident, a Bruneian pilgrim, who requested anonymity, told the Sunday Bulletin that some of the Bruneian pilgrims went to the mosque earlier at around 4.30pm while the mishap occurred at around 5pm.

“Some pilgrims had cancelled their intention to go to the mosque due to strong winds and heavy rain. After the accident, panic-struck pilgrims ran for shelter.

“Alhamdulillah, after the Isyak prayer, the pilgrims headed to their hotel and a headcount was made and calls were made to our hotel rooms to ensure that all Bruneian pilgrims were safe and sound.”

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