Number of Road Traffic Accidents Decreases This Year

Road users need to always prioritise a considerate and tolerant driving attitude between one another. Aside from that drivers should also ensure safety measures especially while on the road. According to statistics issued by the Road Traffic Control and Investigation Department, Royal Brunei Police Force, the total number of accidents this year showed a decrease compared to last year. The decrease was attributed to the various efforts implemented, among them by the National Road Safety Council, MKKJR, by holding campaigns to raise awareness on road safety.

According to statistics, 897 road accident cases were recorded from January to November this year. From the total, 336 cases were of vehicular accidents, 554 self-accident cases and 7 cases of vehicle versus cyclist. These accidents have caused 11 fatalities. The total number of cases showed a decrease from 2018 which recorded 1,013 cases. From the number 367 cases were vehicular collisions, self-accidents were 638 cases and 8 cases of vehicle versus cyclist, of which overall caused 16 fatalities including one motorcycle accident.

A number of measures have also been implemented by the authorities and non-government organisations to ensure the safety of road users. Among them are by enforcing the Driver Safety Practice System or SiKAP aimed to ensure the country's drivers are more disciplined, cautious and obeys road traffic regulations, as well as the 5E core approaches namely Education, Enforcement, Environment, Emergency and Engineering. Through such action, the country is expected to be able to achieve the target of reducing the rate of fatalities to 35 percent by 2020. Apart from that the MKKJR also continues to raise the awareness of drivers and other road users to prioritise safety through road safety campaigns.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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