Opening Of the 6th BELTA International Conference

The Literacy and Numeracy Coaching Programme, LNCP which has been launched and began in August 2016, is an initiative of the Ministry of Education to enhance student's achievements in primary and secondary schools in numeracy and literacy apart from improving the teachers' teaching quality especially those teaching English Language and Mathematics. This was stated by Doctor Haji Azman bin Ahmad, Acting Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education at the Opening of The Brunei English Language Teachers' Association, BELTA, International Conference 2018, yesterday afternoon. Other initiatives, Doctor Haji Azman said, include guided reading, or 'Program Pengukuhan Kemahiran Asas', PEKA and the 'Program Membaca dan Menulis Gabungan Bunyi Kata', KGBK.

Doctor Haji Azman in his speech also hopes that the conference will help to build and strengthen a network of professionals that has the potential to positively impact on education in Brunei Darussalam. He added the teachers are professionals because of the changing demands of the economy and need to keep abreast with new developments.

At the conference, the participants had the opportunity to hear a keynote speech by David Didau, an internationally known blogger, writer and education trainer from United Kingdom. He among other matters highlighted the constraints and irritations of ordinary teachers and synthesise through the lens of educational research and cognitive psychology.

The 6th BELTA International Conference themed 'Blooming HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Strategy): Developing the Thinking Classroom'. The conference aimed to serve as a platform for teachers and educators to network, exchange ideas and share teaching experiences and skills. The conference will see 21 paper presentations and workshops that will revolve around ideas, practices and strategies on developing the Thinking Skills of students. The three-day conference is attended by 138 participants from the country and overseas.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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