Opportunity to Serve the Monarch and Nation

The satisfaction in carrying out duties is the feeling felt by the people involved in the organisation and management of the 3-day audience and Junjung Ziarah ceremony. For the smooth running in organising the audience and junjung ziarah, the officers and staff from the various government and private agencies were assigned according to their scope of work. The opportunity to serve the monarch and nation was a task they would never want to miss.

In the aspect of safety and comfort of the visitors, staffs were designated to organise the shuttle bus services to smoothen the visit. The bus services started operation as early as 7 in the morning. This year, 54 busses were provided with some 50 people assigned to monitor the smooth running of the visit.

Meanwhile, staffs were also involved at the registration section and giving out the coupons. It is amazing some of the personnel at the registration section have worked since the 1950s.

Members of the security forces were also involved. They considered the opportunity as way to serve their beloved monarch and the guests.

Also involved were teams who were in charge of food and drink preparations, as they were well-prepared to provide their services and had much experience in the said area.

The personnel from the souvenirs section were assigned to distribute souvenirs and to ensure the well-wishers did not going home with empty handed. The collaboration of various agencies ensured the ceremony ran smoothly, orderly and systematically for the safety and comfort of the well-wishers.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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