Over One Thousand Students Take Part in the Programme for International Student Assessment, Pisa 2018

Over one thousand students from 12 private schools and 2 international schools in the country are taking part in the Programme for International Student Assessment, PISA 2018. PISA commenced since the 9th of this month, and involves over 7 thousand students around 15 years old from 55 secondary schools and colleges under the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Religious Affairs, private schools as well as international schools nationwide.

Participating students are assessed based on their respective capabilities in terms of understanding contents. This includes basic understanding on materials or source, a process that requires complex and high-tiered thinking skills such as interpreting and analysing context, as well as applying knowledge in real life situations. The PISA assessment is held until the 30th of next month, and contains 4 domains namely Reading Literacy, Mathematics Literacy, Science Literacy, and Global Skills. For every 3 years, only one domain will become the main domain. For this year, the main domain for PISA 2018 is Reading Literacy.

Held once every three years, PISA is an international assessment to measure the country's education achievement, and not only on individual student's achievement. The country's participation in PISA is in line with the Ministry of Education's initiative towards achieving the Wawasan Brunei 2035.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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