PESEBAR Delegation Left for Banda Aceh

15 members of the Brunei History Association, PESEBAR, left for Acheh, Indonesia yesterday morning to carry out joint research projects with the local government as well as to further strengthen cooperation in the field of history. During the 5-day goodwill visit to Banda Aceh, the delegation will be hosted by the Head of Balai Pelestrian Nilai Budaya, BPNB, Aceh and Governor of Aceh as well as the Aceh Women's Association.

The delegation was led by Associate Professor Doctor Haji Asbol bin Haji Mail, PESEBAR's Honorary Secretary. Apart from fostering close relations between the two sides, the visit which was the first of its kind, is hope to enhance cooperation in academic field. The delegation will visit several historic sites in Banda Aceh.

During the meeting with BPNB, the delegation will held discussions and exchange views in various fields such as history, culture and the sultanate system adopted at respective places.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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