Police Reminded Public to Be Extra Careful When Leaving Homes for Holiday (BruDirect (Brunei))

The Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) yesterday urged the public to take precautionary steps to ensure the safety and security of their homes during the third school term holiday, especially if families intend to travel abroad for holiday. The measures include increasing security steps especially when leaving the house unattended.

The closest police station should be notified on the dates of travel for greater ease of organising patrols and monitoring houses and areas of vulnerability.

It is advised that the penghulu and village head are informed of the dates of travel so that they can also help prevent a potential break-in from occurring by monitoring the locales of risk.

Before leaving, homeowners should ensure the doors, windows and front gate are locked and that valuable items are not left outside the house so that it doesn’t catch the attention of criminals. Cash, jewellery and other valuable items should be kept in a safe place.

It is also advisable to inform neighbours and nearby relatives to help monitor the house from time-to-lime in die owner’s absence.

Obtaining the help of relatives and neighbours can lead to additional security as lights can be switched on during the night for better protection.

Police personnel also took the opportunity to remind parents that they should keep tabs on their children’s movement and to take steps preventing them from coming home late, loitering in public places or engaging in unhealthy social activities.

In this day and age it is also encouraged that parents pay attention to their children’s online activities so that they can prevent them from potentially accessing websites considered to be containing negative elements.

With regard to the bad habit where some motorists leave their cars running while attempting to quickly purchase goods at convenience stores, the police are reminding the public to refrain from doing this so as to avoid creating a scenario where car theft could occur.

Additionally, if the general public are witness to what seems to be suspicious activities, they are encouraged to get in touch with the RBPF by visiting the nearest station, contacting the 993 hotline or by bringing their concerns to the penghulu or village head of the area.

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