PPB Provides an Opportunity for Youths

The strategic partnership of Youth Development Centre, PPB with the private sector and industry in carrying out certain courses is hoped to further enhance the youths' opportunity and capability in the field they are venturing in. According to Awang Haswandi bin Haji Osman, the Acting Assistant Director of the Youth Development Centre, to date, PPB has signed more than 30 memorandum of understandings with private companies, aimed to assist the youths to expand and improve their knowledge and skills.

Awang Haswandi bin Haji Osman said that the collaboration between private companies and the Youth Development Centre will further enhance the youths' capabilities. They will gain more experience and knowledge with the trainings given.

Since its establishment in 1996, PPB has recruited nearly 4 thousand youths in various skills training through youth development programme. As a knowledge source for youths who cannot continue their formal education and do not have any jobs, PPB provides an opportunity for the youths to further their education in helping them to build their potential, empowering and to improve their self-confidence.

With the 'Bangsa Brunei Yang Cemerlang' vision, PPB continues to set its strategy, preparing the youths for the challenging future in line with the goal of its establishment in producing excellent youths and as a catalyst to reach Brunei Vision 2035.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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