Public Sector Performance Grading Programme

The Public Sector Performance Grading Programme or 3PSA was introduced in response to the titah of His Majesty Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam to further broaden the scope of management audits. It aims to evaluate and measure the performance of every government agency towards ensuring excellent service delivery. Speaking at the Opening of the 3PSA Best Practices Sharing Session, THIS MORNING, the Minister at the Prime Minister's Office said the implementation of 3PSA is one of the efforts in measuring performance towards the set scope to identify its efficacy in providing effective public service by giving suggestions for improvement or best practices which can be practised in a ministry or department.

Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Haji Awang Abdul Mokti bin Hj Mohd Daud said that through the 3PSA, the four scopes of evaluation focused on are vital elements which are also the focus of the Public Service Framework namely; Leadership that covers human resource development and planning; productivity and performance linked to the facilitation of processes that directly enhances service delivery to the public and Pro-Business Environment which emphasises reformation implementation towards government policies that can generate productivity and also enhances the nation's economic activity. Yang Berhormat added that such a programme, directly helps agencies to evaluate and improve their governance efficacy to achieve excellence. This excellence is not only to obtain star rating or the highest performance level, but also assists in expediting the achievement of the country's desires such as those underlined in Wawasan Brunei 2035. Yang Berhormat also said that the 3PSA can assist in contributing to further enhancing the country's ranking in international indicators such as Ease of Doing Business and Governance Effectiveness Index.

According to Yang Berhormat, towards realising excellent governance requires efficient and far-sighted leadership in order to draft the organisation's direction and coordinate strategy. A leader's high commitment and dedication as well as united cooperation among the employees in the respective organisations are also important. Yang Berhormat added that an organisation's leader need to act as a role model and agent of change as well as be forward thinking towards shaping an organisation with a concept towards what they wish to see and achieve with their public service delivery and organisation at a level that they can be proud of, with high quality and excellence. This is supported by the findings of the Management Services Department, MSD, through the results of the 3PSA evaluations and monitoring by the MSD, which can be summarised that the level of an organisation's achievement is dependent on the efficacy of its leadership with the involvement of other agencies as a step towards the 'whole of nation approach' and the collective support of every officer and staff in the respective agencies. More importantly, added the Minister at the Prime Minister's Office is gaining the support and guidance of its leader.

In his 3PSA talk, the Director of Management Services, among other matters shared the background, achievement as well as overall findings and 'way forward' of the 3PSA. Awang Aminuddin bin Haji Buntar also underscored the characteristics required in every leader, among them, the leader needs a clear wawasan or vision strategic planning and direction, carrying out any improvements and reformations needed, handling duties and guiding the subordinates as well as understanding needs and caring for the public.

The 3PSA acts as a platform in sharing best practices implemented by the departments evaluated, to be adopted and practised by other departments. The 2-day sharing session's objective is to promote and enhance the 3PSA to the stakeholders as well as give space to government agencies to improve the existing practices.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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