Results of the Brunei-Cambridge G.C.E. ‘As’ And ‘A’ Levels Examinations

The Ministry of Education through the Examinations Department has issued the results of the Brunei-Cambridge G.C.E. 'AS' and 'A' Levels Examinations, October/November 2018. Results of the Brunei-Cambridge G.C.E. 'AS' and 'A' Levels Examinations, October/November 2018.

From 1,713 candidates taking the Brunei-Cambridge G.C.E. 'A' Level Examinations, 1,608 or 93.87% achieved at least 1 'A' level. The achievement increased 0.65% over the 2017 examinations.

Overall, 85.99% of the candidates passed with at least 2 'A' Levels, an increase of 3.86%. The pass rate among school candidates was 91.32% which is an increase of 4.01%.

Meanwhile, 1,201 candidates or 70.11% passed with at least 3 'A' Levels. The passes increased by 5.21% over 2017. The achievement of school candidates was 75.55%, an increase of 5.49%.

Overall, 191 candidates or 11.15% achieved Grade 'A' in 2 to 4 subjects. This is an increase of 1.74% compared to 2017.

15 subject indicate increased pass rate of between 0.01% and 43.07% over that of 2017.

In the Brunei-Cambridge G.C.E. 'AS' Level, of 1,199 candidates who sat for the examinations, 1,129 or 94.16% passed in at 1 subject. 765 candidates or 63.80% achieved at least 2 'AS' Level subjects. Overall, 88 candidates or 7.42% achieved Grade 'A' in at least 2 subjects. School candidates can get their result slips from their schools, while private candidates can get the result slips from the Examinations Department during office hours.

Those who wish to improve their achievements in the Brunei-Cambridge GCE 'AS' and 'A' Levels examinations, the registration for May/June 2019 examinations is still open until 14 February 2019.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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