School Holiday Activities

As usual for every school holiday, the Language and Literature Bureau arranges various knowledge-based programmes or activities apart from its role as a knowledge centre. The activities that often fill the school holiday programme are handicraft workshops and visits.

Young members of the Language and Literature Bureau's Library branch in the Temburong District are exposed to the greeting-cards making activity. They are given the chance to make cards, design and write greetings with their own creativity. In this globalisation and modern technology era, most of the people use communication and mobile phone or social media applications to send greetings. However, they still cannot compete with the traditional method of sending greeting cards which can be kept long as memorable items, compared to those using the modern technique that can easily be deleted. According to Dayang Hajah Farihah Azizi binti Haji Matzain, a Library Assistant, the library activity programme aims to enable the young members to develop their ideas and communication skills by producing their own greeting cards.

Some students use the school holiday to visit the Tutong District branch of the Language and Literature Bureau. Facilities such as computers and the ability to visit websites also form the main attraction for visitors. Information sources at the fingertips enable visitors to gather information besides increasing knowledge and enriching their vocabulary. The conducive atmosphere in the reading room also encourages library members to visit the library more often.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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