“Seththa” denies answering, appoints committee to study referendum to resolve The constitution calls for the dissolution of parliament.

The Prime Minister is ready to attend the UN leadership forum, rejects the decision to appoint a committee to study the referendum to resolve. The Constitution orders the dissolution of parliament – waiting to see the cabinet's agenda on the southern border emergency decree. Meanwhile, the secretary to the prime minister asked the justice minister to look at the details of the emergency decree, aiming for 100% peace in 10 years and using normal laws.

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Discussing preparations for traveling to attend the United Nations General Assembly meeting. In New York City, United States, between 18-24 September, we are now preparing. There will be a meeting to discuss with leaders of various countries as well, and leaders of many countries. The invitation for discussion has been accepted. And some countries are still waiting for confirmation. This includes the German Chancellor. In considering the submarine engine of the Navy as well

The Prime Minister also mentioned considering the renewal of the Emergency Decree on Emergency Situation Management in the Southern Border Provinces. who will expire on Tuesday, September 19th, has been using it for 18 years, saying that he has not yet seen the Cabinet meeting agenda So I'd like to go back and look at the details first. Ready to confirm going to various work areas that the government will try to go to the area. And every minister must work hard.

The Prime Minister also refused to answer all questions related to political issues. Especially in the case of Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, list of MPs. Democrat Party As the acting leader of the party Noted the establishment of a committee to study the referendum on amending the constitution. It is an extension of the time for the dissolution of Parliament. in order to prevent the constitutional amendment from being completed quickly By specifying only that today (September 17) he came to work on solving the drug problem only.

Police Colonel Thawee Sodsong, Minister of Justice Referring to the Cabinet meeting Tomorrow (Sept. 18), there will be a renewal of the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situations. in the southern border provinces that will be due on September 19 or not, the Secretary-General of the Prime Minister I asked myself to consider the details. Because there is a committee involved, they must jointly consider. which solves problems in the southern border provinces It is already in the national strategy. It is determined that the problems in the area must be 100% resolved within 10 years. One of the goals is to bring normal laws back into use in the area

Source: Thai News Agency