Special Religious Education Unit Has Implemented Various Special Education Programmes

Performing Solat or the five daily prayers is not only obligatory upon Muslims of good physical condition but also those with special needs or disabilities. In this regard the Special Religious Education Unit at the Islamic Studies Department has implemented various special education programmes to assist special needs students, especially in guiding and teaching them how to perform Solat according to their ability. This year 21 students are attending such a programme in Temburong District.

They are from four religious schools, namely the Pengiran Muda Mohammed Bolkiah Religious School, Bokok Religious School, Sultan Hashim Batu Apoi Religious School and Selapon Religious School. The Acting Assistant Director (Corporate Service) at the Islamic Studies Department explained the students attend the programme with other students in the same classrooms. Awang Haji Rusli bin Haji Muhammad Salleh added despite the hearing, visual and speech impairment, their achievements were encouraging.

The Islamic Studies Department will continue to update the quality of religious education services and management, especially for the special needs students. Besides that the programme also aims to improve the skills and competence of the teaching staff by providing them more skills training. Close and solid cooperation among the school authorities, parents and guardians would generate the development and progress of the special needs students.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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