Story Telling Competition on ‘Kisah Dan Teladan Dalam Islam’

As a way to find youth with talent in telling religious stories eloquently and expressively, a story telling competition on 'Kisah dan Teladan Dalam Islam' or 'Stories and Examples in Islam' was held this morning. According to Awang Haji Yusli bin Haji Asli, Head of Youth Unit, Imarah Section of the Mosque Affairs Department, the competition aimed to spur the younger generation to come on stage to deliver messages or lessons to the public especially to mosque youths.

In attendance was Awang Haji Jufti bin Haji Mega, Head of Imarah Section, Mosque Affairs Department. The competition was participated by mosques youths as well as male and female students of Al-Quran and Muquddam classes at mosques, surau and religious halls in Temburong District who were divided into four teams. The competition also intended to introduce auspicious days in Islam to the participants besides reminding them the importance of Islamic knowledge and guiding the participants towards the excellence of the ummah in line with the changing times.

Kampong Selanggan Mosque won the event. In second place was Kampung Belais Mosque while Kampung Puni Mosque was third and Kampung Rataie Mosque fourth. Prizes were presented by Head of Imarah Section, Mosque Affairs Department. The competition took place at Kampung Puni Mosque.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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