Student Orientation Programme

More than 8 hundred students have registered for the 2018 study session at Sultan Hassan Bangar Secondary School in the Temburong District. In welcoming the new students, the school has set up an Orientation Programme as an early exposure to them on the secondary school environment.

The 2-day Year 7 Orientation Programme which took place at the Dewan Belalong, Bangar Town Civic Centre Complex stressed on a number of aspects such as discipline and self-esteem, mutual respect, teamwork and time management. The school also emphasised the main aspect that need to be monitored by parents or guardians which is the students' daily attendance. If the student's attendance is less than 85 percent, it may result in the student being held back in the next year's academic session. Parents or guardians' cooperation is also requested, in monitoring and ensuring their respective children always attends school to avoid them from being left behind aside from gaining a complete study session.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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