The 5 Daily Prayers

Muslims who have reached puberty, are of sound mind and clean are obligated to perform the 5 daily prayers. As long as a person was in the said conditions that person has to perform the prayers even when ill or disabled. However, the way of praying differs according to the person's condition. A healthy individual prays in the normal way while someone who is ill or disabled can perform the prayer while sitting or lying in bed. The matter was highlighted in the Friday sermon on the 5 Daily Prayers. The sermon also warns that leaving the prayers on purpose is a great sin and Allah will send the offenders to Hell in the Hereafter.

Whether praying is easy or a burden depends on the person's faith. The stronger the faith, the easier it is to perform the prayers. If a person's faith towards Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala is weak then praying will be a hard task to perform. The prayer leader said in this modern era, people are busy with worldly matters. However, this is not an excuse to neglect the prayers because praying is the proof of one's loyalty and gratitude to Allah. The congregants were also reminded that prayers are the first deeds that would be judged by Allah during the Day of Reckoning. If someone performs prayers properly the person will be happy and safe in the Hereafter, if not, then there will only be regrets and loss.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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