The Number of Tithe Payers Increased

The Minister of Religious Affairs also shared on the increasing number of tithes payers in the past three years. In 2015, 330-thousand 9-hundred 76 people pay the tithe with the collection of 931-thousand 638-dollars 97 cents. In 2016, there were 332-thousand 660 payers with the total collection of 937-thousand 478-dollars 56 cents while in 2017, the tithe collection was 940-thousand 123-dollars 80 cents with the number of 350-thousand 69 payers.

Meanwhile, the property tithes also increased in the past three years. In 2015, 16 point 8 million dollars have been collected, while 17 point 4-1 million dollars in 2016, and last year, the tithe collection increased to 17 point 4-8 million dollars. Until December 2017, there were 2-thousand 794 heads of family of the destitute have been listed as the monthly tithe recipients for a period of two years with an allocation of more than 20 million 30-thousand 166 dollars 11 cent. The allocation was credited to their respective bank accounts. They received a specific amount of tithe money every middle of the month. The contribution does not include the Al-Gharimin recipients, new converts and other recipients.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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