Typhoon Mangkhut

In regards to the viral information through social Medias on Typhoon Mangkhut, Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department informs that Typhoon Mangkhut is currently located approximately 2 thousand 600 kilometre from Brunei Darussalam.

According to current forecast, the typhoon is expected to move towards the Philippines, and then Hong Kong. Typhoon Mangkhut is not expected to affect Brunei Darussalam's current weather.

However, Awang Muhammad Hussaini bin Aji, Acting Director of Meteorological explained that there's potential active weather conditions in the next two days due to indirect effects from a tropical storm at South China Sea. The Meteorological Department will continue to monitor the weather and climate conditions and will issue weather advisories or warnings as and when necessary. For the latest weather information, visit the website at www.met.gov.bn or follow the department's Facebook at bruneiweather, Instagram at bruneiweather and Brunei WX mobile application.

Source:: Radio Television Brunei

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