Working Paper Presentation

Latest technologies and applications as well as sharing of experience and ideas are among other matters discussed at the presentation of several working papers at yesterday's session of the 14th Southeast Asia Survey Congress. Also discussed are promotions for research opportunities in the fields related to surveying, mapping, land and disaster management. The working papers were presented at Rizqun International Hotel in Gadong.

Awang Haji Julaihi bin Haji Lamat, from the Brunei Institute of Geomatics, Brunei Darussalam among other things presented a working paper on the Imaging Method based on Charge Couple Device, CDD. The method, according to him, is a new technology with modern software that has successfully recorded image earlier than before.

Meanwhile, the discussion on 'Mengesan Kawasan Risiko Kebakaran Hutan dan Berlukar di Brunei Darussalam: Analisis Kes di Daerah Brunei Muara dan Belait' or 'Detecting Forest and Bush Fire Risk Areas in Brunei Darussalam: case Analysis on Brunei Darussalam and Belait District' was conducted by Awang Shafi Noor Islam, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Development and Environmental Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Universiti Brunei Darussalam. He among other matters touched on the needs of study to be carried out that can identify the potential causes of forest fire occurrences frequently happened during the dry season. He added the study suggests that forest fire awareness adaptive educational training and applied research and mitigation component should be included in national development plan.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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