A 3-year-old child was attacked and assaulted.

hospitalThammasat Rangsit "Kanchana" visits a 3-year-old child who was physically assaulted. Surgery is safe, emphasizing that children are not the property of their parents. To harm - beat up, begging for neighbors to be eyes and ears.

The reporter reported that Ms. Kanchana Silpa-archa, advisor to the advisory committee, follows up and expedites the policy of the Minister of Social Development and Human Security. As an advisor to the Center for Accelerating People's Welfare Management (ESR), Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, along with Ms. Sarah Binyao, Social Development Academic Advisor, Mrs. Dusita Chaonlert, Social Development and Security of Pathum Thani Province along with the one and only MSD team went to the area to visit a 3-year-old boy who had been severely assaulted. At Thammasat University Hospital, Khlong Luang District, Pathum Thani Province

Ms. Kanchana revealed that the doctor operated on her child successfully and safely. As for the legal matter and the injury of the younger sibling, it is up to the doctors and police to decide what conclusions to make. The doctor said that when the number of hours after surgery is complete The doctor will give food through a tube. Doctors at the ICU said there was no cause for concern. However, because this is the case of a very young child. and was very sick It greatly affected his feelings. So I had to ask to come visit.

Ms. Kanchana said that she would like to reiterate that the Ministry of Primary Education will work and take care of the children's future, no matter what form it takes. It will give you safety and the best future. MSD must try to work with families to ensure their safety and prevent this situation from happening again. Center for Accelerating Public Welfare Management Will receive various complaints from the 1300 hotline and the ministry's application. To expedite coordination to help from origin to destination.

“The Ministry of Secondary Education must work with the family of the child. To make it clear what the cause is The best thing is for him to return to live with his family. Regardless of which side of the family In this case, it's good that he has a family to support him. Because in some cases there is no family to support them. So I had to find a foster family. Now we are waiting for clarity on the cause first, so that the Ministry of Secondary Education can continue to work on how the child will be returned to which family,” Ms. Kanchana said.

Ms. Kanchana said that if neighbors saw something unusual without the family taking the child to the hospital Please immediately notify the relevant agencies or the MSD hotline 1300 so that the child can be brought into the treatment process quickly and without much injury. Government agencies must be able to be relied on by society. Otherwise, those in distress tend to run to the private sector, individuals, or other agencies. It has been pointed out that government agencies cannot be relied upon.

Ms. Kanchana said that from now on, the MSDHS will be strong and effectively be a refuge for the people. The MSD will upgrade to an efficient center for receiving complaints. When they become aware of this, they will deal with the problem immediately, which is normally done by the Ministry of Primary Education, but there is simply a lack of communication with the public. which is the source of the problem that must be resolved is a family problem Social problems such as not being ready to have children drug problems Therefore, it requires the collaboration of the community. And the Secondary Educational Service Area Office has more than 3,000 sub-district social assistance centers throughout the country. Therefore, we must rely on these agencies to strengthen the family.

“If a family is not ready to have a child, don't have one because a child has a life and feelings. I would like to ask every family not to think that children are the property of the family. And you can do anything to him because you can't. A child is one life. If you hurt him, you are guilty. He is not your parents' property. that you can beat or harm,” Ms. Kanchana said. -

Source: Thai News Agency