“Big Joke” guarantees that “Kamnan Nok” will not be able to escape, evidence mounts.

Big Joke" guarantees that "Kamnan Nok" will not struggle away, evidence against him. It was revealed that the CCTV cameras could be recovered, taking 1-2 days, confirming the investigation into the "Tribute Sticker - Auction House" as well, pointing out that if the financial route is included, a clear picture will be seen. It is expected that the case will be closed in no more than 1 week, stating that "Prime Minister Settha" has urged to put an end to the Mafia. I want the police to go back to serving the people.

Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakphan, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Gave an interview after meeting with Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, regarding the "Kamnan Nok" case, that the Prime Minister had emphasized on suppressing the Mafia. Influencers in the area Giving people confidence in safety The police themselves must not be a crutch of those influential people. As for the progress of Kamnan Nok's case The Prime Minister is concerned and concerned. By giving guidelines for expanding the results to the utmost until the last one.

In addition, there is also the need to investigate various corruption matters in the area, such as auctioning and getting jobs. You must go and see who is involved. After this, a police summons or arrest warrant will be issued. Including the people involved in the said event or not? Pol. Gen. Surachet said today that additional examinations are being conducted. If the results of the investigation come out Who is it connected to and who is the perpetrator? A summons and arrest warrant will be issued. At 6:00 p.m. today (September 10, 2023), he will travel to a meeting on the progress of the case. Muang Nakhon Pathom Police Station

When asked whether the CCTV server that officials found can be recovered or not. Pol. Gen. Surachet said it took 3-4 days for the server that was wet to dry now. Able to recover data completely Please don't worry.

As for the case where there will be an expansion of the results of examining the financial path of Kamnan Nok. Until the point of seizure or not? Pol. Gen. Surachet said that at this time there was no need to seize them. because it does not fall under the scope of an offense Now there are additional documents and evidence. The matter must be checked regarding the auction. If it is considered a money laundering offense Will go into the process of seizing property next, emphasizing that this incident will definitely have the police responsible. which is in the principles of the law If it is found that there has been an omission in performing duties Failure to treat the scene and destruction of evidence must be prosecuted

“In the police there are 2-3 groups. The first group runs away and doesn't do anything. This one is dereliction of duty. Some arrest warrants have been issued. The second group is the group that destroyed evidence and led Kamnan Nok to escape. The third group is the group that took the bank inspector. or injured people sent to the hospital This group must be fair to him. Let's have some clarity. There will be more and more every day. Because officials are investigating all day long,” Pol. Gen. Surachet said.

Police General Surachet Also answers questions about the case that many people are worried about. The incident involved a commanding police officer. It may cause many people to worry about the prosecution that most of the police will be in Region 7, the Central Investigation Police. and highway patrol This case isn't anything complicated. If compared to the case of "Am Cyanide" because the evidence in this case is still If chasing the financial path Check evidence from various CCTV cameras. It will be finished. It is expected that it will take approximately 1 week to complete.

When asked if they are confident that the police who are suspected together will provide information Pol. Gen. Surachet said that he admitted that at first The cops are all lying.

“I repeat, lie and lie, it's okay, but we have an investigation, an investigation, there is clear information. therefore allowing the court to approve an arrest warrant since yesterday Because the court believes in the evidence.”

When asked if there is a link to the sticker tribute issue as well From investigating the facts, is it like that or not, however? about the bidding and reiterated that after meeting with the Prime Minister The Prime Minister also intends to crack down on the Mafia. all influential people Let the police go back to serving the people.

“The Prime Minister has said that The police have to be with the people,” Pol. Gen. Surachet said.

As for the interrogation of witnesses and suspects Pol. Gen. Surachet said that all gave information and confessed in the same direction. This matter has already been confirmed that Kamnan Nok gave the orders.

When asked if there was any doubt about the issues being discussed at the dining table. Is it the sticker tribute or the transfer of position that is the cause? Pol. Gen. Surachet said the main issue is not tribute. But it was asking for a transfer of the police and if they didn't give it, they ordered the shooting. Simply put, they were arrogant and had been like this for a long time. I have been attached to the police in the area for a long time until I became arrogant, so today I have to clear things up.

When asked repeatedly, Rabbit-shaped tribute issue It has links to the level of deputy commander. Pol. Gen. Surachet said he was not worried and had to study honestly. If they are linked to anyone, they will all be prosecuted. It must be done as honestly as the media sees. If you don't do it honestly, the media will know.

“Today it cannot be hidden in today's world. If anyone doesn't do anything straightforwardly or go all the way, they won't survive,” Pol. Gen. Surachet said.

Police General Surachet also said that from the interrogation of Kamnan Nok Still denying Denied that he had allowed Mr. Nong Thapha to shoot the bank inspector. But Mr. Nong was the one who actually fired the shot and emphasized that in this case, Kamnan Nok was unable to escape. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency