Minister of Commerce emphasizes speeding up solutions to people’s problems

"Phumitham" Minister of Commerce enters the Ministry for the first day. Pay homage to sacred things Emphasizing the importance of solving people's problems as an urgent matter. In line with the government's guidelines for reducing the cost of living.

Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, along with Mr. Naphinthorn Srisangpang, Deputy Minister of Commerce Pay homage to the sacred objects of the Ministry of Commerce at 8:00 a.m. and meet informally with the Ministry's service providers, stating that today there is no division of work between the Deputy Ministers of Commerce. This is because opinions must be exchanged informally with ministry executives first. Emphasizing that work must be done together and as a team.

For urgent matters The Prime Minister has emphasized that Any matter that is a problem for the people and can be done first is asked to be done immediately, such as taking care of people's living expenses. Make sure product prices are in line with the cost of living. People can survive and entrepreneurs can survive too. As for the problem of exports being continuously negative for several months, Must urgently find new export markets. You must work proactively. with commercial ambassadors working together and speed up negotiations on various trade frameworks. To increase export opportunities by taking into account the benefits of the country as the main focus.

While solving the agricultural product problem, will the pawning policy be brought back or not? Mr. Phumtham stated that every policy has advantages and disadvantages. will be considered as appropriate Regulations that are barriers to trade must be revised to reduce them. On September 14, there will be an official meeting of the Ministry of Commerce executives.

As for the policy statement on September 11, where many parties noted many issues that were not included in the government's statement, Mr. Phumtham stated that the policy is a broad framework. covering all issues If in doubt, you can ask the minister about related matters. It does not have to be included in the entire government statement. And please trust the Pheu Thai Party and the coalition parties working together. Because if it's all packed It may take more than 3 days to announce policy to parliament, confirming that promises to the people will not be broken. What promises can be done

As for the position of Deputy Minister of Commerce, from the original 2 positions to 1 position, it is not an obstacle to work. Whether or not it will be added later depends on the Prime Minister and the political party.

In addition, as for the digital wallet policy, it is confirmed that the government will definitely do it to stimulate the economy in a big way by investing over 500 billion baht to be used over a period of 6 months, with the continued use of digital wallets through blockchain technology. Go.

Source: Thai News Agency